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Thane (name)

Thane is a masculine given name and a surname. It may refer to:

Amanda Thane (1953-2012), Australian operatic soprano
Bartlett L. Thane (1877–1927), American mining engineer, namesake of the Juneau neighborhood
Elswyth Thane (1900–1984), American romance novelist
Lucy Thane (fl. 1990s), American documentary filmmaker
Pat Thane (fl. 1998-present), British history professor

Given name[edit]

Thane Baker (born 1931), American former sprinter
Thane Bettany (born 1930), English actor
Thane Campbell (1895–1978), Canadian politician and jurist, 19th premier of Prince Edward Island
Thane Camus (born 1970), French-American screen actor
Thane Gash (born 1965), American former National Football League player
Thane Gustafson, political scientist
Thane Houser (1891–1967), American race car driver
Thane Maynard, American zookeeper
Thane Rosenbaum (born 1960), American novelist, essayist and law professor

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